Pilates Pamper Workshop coming this FALL! | Aug 11th, 2014
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What I learned from my recent “Spring into Summer Cleanse” with Christie Rosen Wellness | July 9th 2014
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I recently decided to hop on board and do a little cleanse offered by Christie Rosen and Nina Miller… It’s been a bit of a rough year, so my mindful healthy eating habits took a back seat. This cleanse sounded like just the thing I needed to reset my healthy button.
I am against any kind of “replace meals with juice”, calorie restricting non-sense, so this cleanse really appealed to me as there was none of the above. In fact the manual read: ” Spring into Summer Cleanse… This is a FEAST not a fast.” Sounds amazing right?  All the cleanse called for was cleaning up your diet. In other words: eating clean: no processed foods, sugar, dairy, caffeine, gluten or alcohol.
The starter manual also suggested a lot of pampering and this part I was really looking forward too!
Along with doing the diet clean up & self care rituals, I decided to clean up my thinking and talking too. I believe that you are what you eat, think and act. When you have all of these in your own version of balance then things flow and you’re generally happier. So I became more mindful: stopped all trash talking and thought more about what exactly I am allowing myself to think about .
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The 10 days started off really well and got a little harder towards the end. By day 8 all  I wanted was a glass of wine and my morning cup of coffee.
Here’s a little recap of my experience and what I learned:
1) Being more conscious of what and why I put things in my body.  I realized that half of the time when I have a craving for something sweet it goes away pretty quickly or it can be fixed by having a piece of fresh fruit. I also realized that my Stony Field Organic Chocolate Bottom Yogurt & my protein bar is the cause of my regular afternoon indigestion. I have a tendency to just snack on something like crisps ( chips) or crackers, just because it’s sitting right there and not because I actually need/want it.
2) Energy levels. I was never once starving or even hungry. My energy levels stayed more consistent and I generally had more  energy than when I am on my usual diet. I think swapping out my yogurt, granola and fruit breakfast for eggs and avocado or oats and quinoa with  fruit made a big difference.
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3) Planning makes all the difference. I often hear people complain that they don’t have time to prepare clean healthy meals. To that I say total BS. All you need is a little extra planning. Pick a couple of hours to cook a few meals that can last you a couple of days. Nuts, fruits, hard boiled eggs and avocados make excellent snacks.
4) Read food labels even when you buy from Whole Foods! Just because it is organic or comes from a store that has  branded themselves as healthy, doesn’t mean there isn’t still crap in it. I stepped in this giant pothole when I was buying some nuts with dried fruit. I just grabbed the bag and paid. Later while munching on it I thought to myself: “Mmm this fruit is really yummy and so sweet…wait they’re too sweet…” low and behold when I inspected the label the fruit had cane sugar on them! I must confess that I continued to stuff my face with 3 more handfuls before putting the bag away for the rest of the week… To my knowledge this was my only cheat of the week.
5) Self Care rituals are super fun and relaxing. I generally do pamper or treat myself regularly, but making it a daily little habit to make sure I did something special was so fun and very relaxing. I did small little things like: lighting a scented candle right before bed and lying with my feet up against a wall, sitting with my feet in epson salt water, going for a little steam session at the gym, working out, giving myself a mani/pedi or a clay mask. All of these generally contributed to lifting my mood and making me happier.
6) No trash talking/thinking. Apart from one slip up due to a broker who snafu’d us. I was able to really become aware of and stop trash talking thoughts and conversations. It was great to focus on thinking positive thoughts and having uplifting conversations. I’ll elaborate on this a little more in an upcoming blog on hannekeantonelli.com.
7) The added bonus: My skin has not glowed like this is a very long time! Note to self, keep drinking LOTS of water and stay on  the fruit wagon.
My take away:
This cleanse was just what my body needed. I definitely became a more mindful eater. I feel great to have accomplished the 10 day clean eating goal and I will most definitely be sticking with some of the recipes and habits.  If you’re looking for a quick reset this is definitely the way to go. Thank you Christie Rosen Wellness and Nina Miller for offering it!





It’s here: The New Hanneke Antonelli Site! | Jun 2nd, 2014


I am so excited to show you my new site! HannekeAntonelli.com will be used in conjunction with
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Check out the new site and read all about what’s to come here!


Doubting yourself? Doubt no more! | May 27th, 2014


We all have those days where we compare ourselves to others, feel inadequate and or doubt our own abilities.
I had one of “THOSE” days a little while ago. My thoughts wandered and went something along the lines of: “There are so many amazing bloggers, instructors, coaches and more out there, who wants to hear my opinions or take my classes? How am I ever going to grow my business to where I want it to be?”
I am sure you can relate to these forms of low level thinking! I was about to sit down to apply to a new studio. To my surprise the studio had an extensive hiring process and many very good instructors. I sat down with all those feelings of inferiority and inadequacy and started to update my resume.
As I was typing up all my achievements, classes and education courses taken in the last few years, my mood started to shift. We so often forget where we came from and all the effort and hard work we have put in. We also overlook all the great things we have accomplished so easily.
Reading through all my accomplishments made me realized 2 wonderful things:
1) I have done and accomplished quite a bit in a very short time.

2) How lucky was I to have had all these opportunities!
I instantly felt proud, confident and invincible and very very grateful. By the time I hit send I was certain that I was the best instructor I could be to date and knew I wanted to build on that to be even better in future!
Actionstep Read through or Update your work resume AND your life resume: All your job titles, education, athletic achievements, plays, travels. Sit back savor all your accomplishments, pat yourself on the back, say thank you! And enjoy that wonderful feeling of being invincible. Remember this next time you have a bad day or set back.
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Remember you’re special!