#TBT Spring: New beginnings for Hanneke | Apr 3, 2014


TBTAprilSpring seems to have finally sprung here in New England and with it some very exciting changes will be coming to the Pilates with Hanneke brand.
As you may know from social media: I recently certified as a CTA Coach and I am delighted to not only give your body a great workout but also help  you expand your mind and help you achieve  your life goals.
A little bit more about Life Coaches and what we do from WebMD:
“What Is a Life Coach?

Just about everyone has a vision of his or her ideal life. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of becoming a successful writer, musician, or corporate executive. Yet your vision hasn’t quite made the leap from your mind to reality.

That’s where a life coach steps in. Life coaches provide the incentive and direction their clients need to improve their careers, relationships, and lives.

They help clients to:

  • Hone in on their skills and ambitions.
  • Refocus their life’s goals.
  • Overcome obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals.”

As a result of this diversification Pilates with Hanneke will move in under my new umbrella brand Hanneke Antonelli.  This new move will have many added benefits for your body, mind and life! And yes, that means a new site (don’t worry pilateswithhanneke.com will still be here), a few social media changes and more! :)
And what does this mean for you:

1) You’ll still get all my Pilates updates, a few moves here and there and access to my schedule

2) You’ll now also be getting some rich content about career, life and relationship tips.

3) You’ll have more fun, be more motivated than ever to be fit, achieve your goals and live a fuller life!


Stay tuned for more announcement, blogs and much more coming soon! :) Also feel free to inbox me: pilateswithhanneke@gmail.com if you’d like to try a free coaching sample session!


A Night Amongst the Stars: BostInno 50 on Fire | Dec 12th 2013


On Dec 5th 2013 BostInno hosted their annual one of a kind and very trendy 50 On Fire Awards ceremony at the John Moakley courthouse in Boston. 200 of Boston’s most innovative and happening companies and personalities gathered to celebrate. That’s 200 out of over 2000 nominees that were originally received and there would be only 50 winners.


When I originally received the email in early November stating my finalist status, I was completely flabbergasted. It took me a few minutes and a couple of re-reads to finally grasp and believe what I was reading. My little baby, my Pilates with Hanneke Brand had been selected as a finalist out of a pool of 2000 nominees!! Me, the little girl from a tiny farm town in South Africa had not only made it to the big city, but was now going to a super fun photo shoot and award ceremony! And my competition included: THE BOSTON REDSOX?!?!?


What made things even more exciting was that one of my favorite yoga studios, South Boston Yoga had also been selected as finalists! Another Southie favorite, Jessica Baschelor, from the Handle Bar was also in our Sports and Fitness Category! Needless to say, Southie’s definitely on fire folks!


Before the event I went through all the usual doubts of: “there’s no chance I’ll win” and “man, such amazing talent in this category”, to “please, please pick me! Pick me!” and back again. There was just no way of knowing what the outcome would be.

With all that excitement and anticipation, the big night finally arrived. It was time for Cinderella to trade in her daily spandex and messy hair and get all dolled up for a night amongst the stars.


From the second I arrived until the last good bye at the after party, this event was simply amazing! There were so many networking opportunities, interesting people and even some familiar faces. And it all just made the night that much more fabulous.  Photo booths, interview stages, cocktail bars, appetizer stations and 100s of pictures of the contestants lined the venue which spread over two floors. And Boston’s elegantly dressed roamed around engaged in conversation and laughter. The magical energy in the room was palpable.


After a few pics, a boasting interview in which you were requested to shamelessly brag about your brand ( which I so can’t wait to share with all of you) it was finally time for the big video created by Jemtron and Michael Piazzas photos. The video was a spectacular and edgy film piecing together clips of famous buildings and places in Boston along with the winners pictures.  I was filled with so many emotions ranging from excitement, a little bit of fear, and complete nervousness.


It took a full 7ish minutes, which felt like an eternity, before the video finally came to the announcement of the Sports and Fitness category. By this point I was a little ball of nerves, with a few bursts of joy.


First up: The Boston Red Sox…yeah, yeah, no surprise there. And then BOOM!  There it was in massive black and white: Hanneke Antonelli – Pilates with Hanneke!!!

A warm, fuzzy, deep sensation of total and utter awe and complete gratitude filled me! I had freaking stinking WON!!!!!!!


Needless to say rest of the video was a little bit of a blur. But after a couple of screams and hugs I was ready to congratulate all the fellow winners and celebrate what turned out to be the best night of 2013!! I was ON FIRE!!


Winner Photo.

Winner Photo.


DA Active SALE & Product Review | November 29th, 2013
Oh goodie! Apart from my DVD on super STOCKING STUFFER sale! I also want to report the DA Active weekend sale!  They just launched their spiffy new website, on which you may recognize a few faces ;P And they’ll be running a fantastic sale Friday Nov 29 – Tues Dec 3rd! You’ll get 30% off all online purchases!!
I decided to help you out with some tough choices by reviewing some of my favorites from DA Active Inc.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.37.22 PM

First up: Their “Do It Again” leggings ARE TO DIE FOR!! I wear leggings EVERY DAY in the winter and these ones are super comfy, lifts, scoops and sucks in at all the right places and you don’t feel too constricted. They also don’t ride down. TOTALLY A MUST HAVE!! Sizes compares to Lululemon. If you like the leggings they definitely get the “Do It Again Crop” too!


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.43.04 PM


If leggings are not for you, try their “DA High Waist Pant! I am wearing this on in the pic right at the top. Only wore it for the shoot. It was very comfortable and allowed easy movement. Quality felt great.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.46.20 PM


The “Criss Cross Capri” is very flattering and the little slit in the back of the legs adds a nice flare to the pant. Good quality, nips & tucks in all the right places and allows movement without feeling constricted.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.53.56 PM


My Favorite two bras: The “Shouler Clasp” bra – a very sturdy bra, perfect for cardio and holding the ladies in place. And then the very sexy “Halter Top Bra” - I love this one for it’s diversity,  it can be used as a bikini top or a bra! Although this bra shows a little more skin, it’s still quite supportive and you can definitely style it under other garments to Pilates or yoga!

Happy Fashionable Friday and shopping my fashionistas!!

Pilates with Hanneke DVD Launch Party a huge success | Nov 25th, 2013
photo (57)
Yesterday I celebrated the launch of my second and third DVDs with a packed room at South Boston Yoga. Not sure of the exact number of people who came to support us, but all we know is that we literally couldn’t fit another body into the room! I really wanted to make this event one of appreciation for everyone who come to class weekly and show their love and support for my brand. To show some extra appreciation everyone received a little goodie bag and raffle ticket on arrival.
Everyone’s energy and enthusiasm surrounding the event was so amazing! I took everyone through my Pilates STRENGTH DVD sequence.  It was so much fun teaching this group and everyone worked so hard!  After a 40 min sweaty but energizing Pilates affair everyone got to relax in savasana. Next up was the drawing of the prize winners. A total of 11 peeps walked away with either a DVD, $10 iTunes card or an outfit from Anue, compliments of New Balance.
I am still on a high from the event and can’t thank everyone who made an appearance enough! You guys really contributed in ending my teaching year on a high note! Thank you!
And then a very special thanks to:
David and Todd, from South Boston Yoga for providing their space,

McMillan, on of the South Boston Yoga Manager for coordinating the event with me,

Hilary Keates & Katelyn Nerbonne, from New Balance for sponsoring 2 Anue outfits,

Shuli Burke, from Shakti by Shuli for taking amazing pics!

And to my Husband, Bob, from Robert Antonelli Productions for turning my workout into a DVD for you to enjoy at home!
You can view more photos of the event below. And DVDs are now available to order on my website.